Welcome to my new blog! Over the years I’ve collected many thoughts, ideas, questions, etc. that have never made their way into print and I’d like to share them with whoever is interested in listening.   I will try hard to make the posts worth your while to read!

Many of my recent papers are kind of long, and I’m hoping to post overviews of what’s in them and why a person might hypothetically care.  I also want to post some new perspectives on older papers of mine, for example streamlined proofs or links to related work.  The blog won’t be just about my own work, though: I also want to highlight recent preprints that I find exciting and share my thoughts on them.  In addition, I hope to revive some old chestnuts from the past which I think deserve to be better known.  I also want to share some thoughts about teaching in the 21st century with the hope of starting interesting and/or valuable dialogues.  Finally, I hope to share some of the simple joys I find in math problems with beautiful solutions or things that are just plain fun.  So hopefully there will be something for everyone in this blog — well, not everyone but you know what I mean.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! My name´s Sara and I´m looking for Matt Baker who was a Math teacher at Plume School.
    I assisted in 2013 to a CLIL COURSE in Colchester and he was one of my teachers. I´m trying to contact him. I don´t know whether you are this person.

    So apologize me in advance if you are not him.



  2. Interesting reading. Then I noticed the name, have you tought at Sheringham High School, Norfolk?? Sorry if not.


  3. Sir, I would like to use your blog on ‘THE BALANCED CENTRIFUGE PROBLEM’ I was studying that and I’ve been following your blog since 2017 and I’m a huge fan of your blog. I would like to use some of your examples and diagrams for my summer internship report. I will give you credits and assure that it’ll be used for fair use. Kindly grant me permission to use the blog.


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