A Fields Medal for June Huh

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2022 Fields Medal! The only one I know personally, and whose work I have studied in detail, is June Huh.

I’m happy both for June himself and for the field of combinatorics more broadly, which at one point was not taken seriously enough by the mathematics community to merit Fields Medal level consideration. I’m particularly interested in connections between combinatorics and algebraic geometry, and that is certainly something that June’s work has taken to new heights.

I thought it might be useful for me to post links to my previous blog posts about June’s work here, along with some related links.

Previous blog posts:

Here are some related things I’ve written myself:

Here’s a Quanta Magazine article (published today) which talks about June’s life and work. (I am quoted a couple of times in the article and helped write and copy edit some of the more technical parts)

And here are some survey papers about June Huh’s work from the 2022 Fields Medal website:

And finally, here is a wonderful 6-minute video in which June Huh talks about his life and his view of mathematics:

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